Foreign Buyers List
(国外买家名录) Foreign Buyers List (国外买家名录)

4 D Diamonds NV -

4 D Diamonds NV is a foreign buyer from Belgium, need to purchase products of Jewellery /Ornaments etc. categories.

Enterprise Information (企业资料):

  • Company Name (公司名称):
4 D Diamonds NV
  • Country / Area (国家/地区):
Belgium (比利时)
Buy Belgium buyers list data
  • Introduction (简要介绍):
We are international purchaser of Jewelry products for long time.
  • Employee (雇员人数):

Contact Method (联系方式):

  • Contact Person (联系人):
Abdella Dbeis
  • Address (详细地址):
Rijfstraat 4 Box 4, B 2018, Antwerpen
  • Postcode (邮政编码):
  • Telephone (电话号码):
0032 3 225 11 44
  • Fax (传真号码):
0032 3 225 18 19
  • Email (电子邮件):
  • Website (网站网址):

Purchase Category (采购类别):

  • Category (采购产品类别):
Jewellery /Ornaments (珠宝首饰) etc.
  • Buy Data (购买数据):
Buy Jewellery /Ornaments industry buyers data

Country Industry (各地分类):

Jewellery /Ornaments Category

1. Australia Jewellery /Ornaments

2. Austria Jewellery /Ornaments

3. Bangladesh Jewellery /Ornaments

4. Belgium Jewellery /Ornaments

5. Canada Jewellery /Ornaments

6. Denmark Jewellery /Ornaments

7. Finland Jewellery /Ornaments

8. France Jewellery /Ornaments

9. Germany Jewellery /Ornaments

10. Greece Jewellery /Ornaments

11. Hong Kong Jewellery /Ornaments

12. India Jewellery /Ornaments

13. Indonesia Jewellery /Ornaments

14. Iran Jewellery /Ornaments

15. Ireland Jewellery /Ornaments

16. Italy Jewellery /Ornaments

17. Japan Jewellery /Ornaments

18. Korea Rep. Jewellery /Ornaments

19. Lebanon Jewellery /Ornaments

20. Macau Jewellery /Ornaments

21. Malaysia Jewellery /Ornaments

22. Nigeria Jewellery /Ornaments

23. Netherlands Jewellery /Ornaments

24. New Zealand Jewellery /Ornaments

25. Pakistan Jewellery /Ornaments

26. Russia Jewellery /Ornaments

27. Saudi Arabia Jewellery /Ornaments

28. Sri Lanka Jewellery /Ornaments

29. Singapore Jewellery /Ornaments

30. Spain Jewellery /Ornaments

31. Sweden Jewellery /Ornaments

32. Taiwan Jewellery /Ornaments

33. Thailand Jewellery /Ornaments

34. Turkey Jewellery /Ornaments

35. United Arab Emirates Jewellery /Ornaments

36. United Kingdom Jewellery /Ornaments

37. United States Jewellery /Ornaments

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