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3D Industrial Electronic Pte Ltd -

  • Company Name (公司名称):
3D Industrial Electronic Pte Ltd
  • Country / Area (国家/地区):
Singapore (新加坡)
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  • Introduction (简要介绍):
We are international purchaser of Home Appliances products for long time.
  • Employee (雇员人数):
  • More Info (补充说明):
3D Industrial Electronic Pte Ltd is a foreign buyer from Singapore, need to purchase products of Consumer Electronics etc. categories.
  • Contact Person (联系人):
Raymond Tan
  • Address (详细地址):
Kolam Ayer Industrial Estate, Blk 8,Lorong Bakar Batu No.05-04, 348743, Singapore
  • Postcode (邮政编码):
  • Telephone (电话号码):
0065 67483162
  • Fax (传真号码):
0065 67488203
  • Email (电子邮件):
  • Website (网站网址):
  • Category (采购产品类别):
Consumer Electronics (家用电器) etc.
  • Buy Data (购买数据):
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